Foundation idea: everyone is a child of the land, if the oceans were drained it is obvious that everywhere is the land of aloha.

Kama’aina know they are children of the land. The body their soul inhabits is made of the elements and the healthier the land is the healthier their body.

Kuleana is the responsibility to care for the land and our body so the generations to come will healthy and able to enjoy life.

Mana is the spirit and life force that when directed with aloha creates a prosperity and abundance for the whole of creation.

Hauʻoli is the joy that is evoked from inside you when you live a life and purpose of contribution to the rest of life.

Aumakua are more than ancestral spirit helpers, aumakua is the remembrance deep within you that you are part of the whole universe.

ʻIhi is reverent respect for the sacredness of everything. In this view nothing is worthless, unnecessary or unimportant just like there is no such thing as zero in nature there is also no such thing as nothing in nature. Nothing is just an idea, but not an actual reality.

These are the foundational concepts of the kuleana of Kahu Darrell Harada

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