We seek spiritual guidance and support at different times for different reasons. Below I explain the some of the services I offer. If you feel drawn or guided to any of them you are not alone. The only reason I have confidence in my work is because I believe my clients are guided to me by a Higher Power. E Komo Mai which means Welcome in Hawaiian. I trust your gut or guidance will lead you to the services are right for you.

Spiritual Reading

Why spiritual? Because the word psychic literally means – of the soul. I’m just using a broader more accurate view. Over the course of my career I’ve noticed a pattern, and that pattern has shown me that prediction is not the best use of a reading. I know people think psychics are just fortunetellers, but in reality we are more often healers and guides. A good reading serves as GPS for prevention and course correction. Many people get readings because some part of them, their spirit and intuition, is telling them they are off course, but they canʻt see it.  My role is to get information to help you see your path more clearly and to give you tools and strategies to empower you to life your best life possible.  As you learn to build trust in a Higher Power you will notice more ease and flow to your life. Blind faith is not reasonable, and can be a cruel expectation for some people. Faith and trust are like muscles that need exercise.  Fitness is built with experience.  Faith in the Divine is build just like any other relationship. Readings are a way to build faith in yourself and your spirit helpers because you learn to trust in the guidance of the spirit world.

Spirit Messenger Reading

My experience suggest that we continue after physical death. Can I prove it? Don’t be silly. Still, I have given messages that only those who have passed on could give to their loved ones, it is fascinating, but the reality is that even accurate information does not prove life after death, so it is still a matter of faith. It is a complicated process. Sometimes communication is very clear and smooth, at other times it is choppy and fuzzy. I don’t know why, and I don’t want to speculate. One thing I do know is people are guided to me which gives me confidence that I am the best messenger for them at that moment. Just being honest. I can’t stand blowing smoke up peoples asses. Am I the best? If you are guided to me I am the best for you at this time. But I have faith that whoever finds me is meant to find me and that I am the perfect messenger for them.

Project Life

Wanna know the best part of being psychic? It is a feeling of connection with all of creation and the Creator. Sure helping people is awesome! I love the work. Instead of asking about what’s coming up, where you are going, or will anything bad happen, ask your whether you are living the life you want. Do you feel you are living a full rich rewarding life? Are you making the best use of the short time we have with the gift of life? It is too easy for us to get caught in the programming of society. There’s a way to play with the program, design a new one, and enjoy the game. With insight, foresight, and will power you can redesign life. Think of it as redecorating or remodeling your living space. You can do the same with your life. Interior design your inner world in harmony with your higher world to create a happy and fulfilling life.


15min – $35

30min – $70

45min – $105

60min – $140