We seek spiritual guidance and support at different times for different reasons. Below I explain the some offerings. If you feel drawn or guided to any of them I may be the messenger for you. The only reason I have confidence in my work is because I believe my clients are guided to me by a Higher Power. E Komo Mai (welcome). I trust your gut or guidance will lead you to the services are right for you be it from me or some one or something else.

Spiritual Guidance

Why spiritual? Because the word psychic literally means – of the soul. I’m just using a broader more accurate view. Over the course of my career I’ve noticed that prediction is not the best use of a reading. I know people think of psychics as fortunetellers, but in reality we are more often healers and guides. A good reading provides prevention and course correction. Many people get readings because some they intuitively sense they are off course and need an outside perspective to offer clarity; this is my role. I get information to help you see your path more clearly and to give you tools and strategies to empower you to live your best life possible. As you learn to build trust in a Higher Power you will notice more ease and flow to your life. Blind faith is not reasonable, and can even be a cruel expectation for some people. Faith and trust are like muscles that need exercise. Faith and trust in the Divine are build just like any other relationship. Readings are a way to build faith in yourself and Higher Power because you learn to trust in their guidance.

Spirit Messenger Guidance

My experience suggest that we continue after physical death. Can I prove it? Don’t be silly. Still, I have given messages that only those who have passed on could give to their loved ones, it is fascinating, but the reality is that even accurate information does not prove life after death, so it is still a matter of faith. It is a complicated process. Sometimes communication is very clear and smooth, at other times it is choppy and fuzzy. I don’t know why, and I don’t want to guess the reason. One thing I do know is people are guided to me which gives me confidence that I am the best messenger for them at that moment. Am I the best? probably not but if you are guided to me then I am the best messenger for you at this time.


When was the last time you felt like you had room to breathe? When was the last time you felt in control and in flow? When you are in harmony with yourself and your life you are what the Hawaiian’s call pono. Pono is a state of being where you are internally and externally integrated. Realign your life by realigning with yourself. Are physical beings we function best when we are in balance within ourselves and with our environment. Regain your connection with yourself, with all of creation and with the Creator. Instead of asking about what’s coming up, where you are going, or will anything bad happen, it is better to get focused on the steps you can take towards a happy destiny. Do you feel you are living a full rich rewarding life? Are you making the best use of the short time we have with the gift of life? It is too easy for us to get caught in the programming of society or ineffective beliefs. There is a way to get back into harmony and live a meaningful life. You are capable of redesigning your life at any moment. Think of it as redecorating or remodeling your living space, instead you will remodel your life.