Spiritual Consultation

Over the course of my career as a servant and messenger there has been a pattern. Most people think the job of a seer is prediction, but that is not the best use of our skills. The best use of our skills is prevention and course correction. An even better use is for you to learn to build trust in a Higher Power. Blind faith is not reasonable for, and can even be a cruel expectation, for most people. Faith and trust is a muscle that needs to be exercised and built. Readings are one way to build faith muscle.

The future is not set in stone. There is much that is within your power to control. The trick is knowing how, with the right plan, action, and heart.

Medium Reading

It is my experience that something continues after physical death. Can I prove it? Don’t be silly. But I have had experiences of giving messages that only those who have passed on could give to their loved ones. It is a complicated process. Sometimes communication is very clear and smooth, at other times it is choppy and fuzzy. I don’t know why. One thing I do know is people are guided to me, and for better or for worse, I am the best messenger for them at that point in time. Just being honest. I can’t stand blowing smoke up peoples asses. Am I the best? No. But I have faith whoever finds me is meant to find me.

Suddenly Psychic

Psychic literally means “of the soul”. If you are suddenly having what could be considered psychic experiences it is helpful to know that you have not obtained some kind of power you didn’t have before. It is more accurate to say you are more aware of a way of sensing that has always been there. It is as if you were blind and suddenly realized you could see, or that you were deaf and could suddenly hear.

The changes that happen to you when you open up are often scary, disorienting, and overwhelming.  Over the years I have worked hard to understand the psychic awakening process.  Due to the popularity of psychic mediums many people think it is their job to help lost souls, maybe and maybe not.  I’ve encountered more people than I can remember who’s lives and health were completely derailed because they didn’t get good education as to how to integrate psychic awakening into their lives.  

If you move through the door of your awakening with wisdom and respect it is a fun and fulfilling journey that deepens every experience of life. In this respect, I know I can help you. For some reason I don’t understand, I may not be the best psychic in the world, but I am a good coach.

Clearing Negative Energy

We wash our hands to clean then of negative potentially harmful germs, bacteria and viruses.  Environmental toxins can cause cancer.  Less well known outside of the spiritual community are the dangers of negative energies.  I have been involved in countless clearings where negative energies had led to arguments, illness, divorce and even death. 

Sources of negative energy include:

  • negative vibes from emotions like anger, frustration, fear
  • complaining, grumbling, gossip as well as backstabbing competitiveness
  • possessive and jealous people
  • the evil eye
  • psychic attack 
  • curses
  • lost souls (ghosts), low level entities, dark angels and demons.  

I am usually called as a last resort.  I’ve cleared businesses where people have gotten sick, some even died, due to negative energies that were not dealt with or handled improperly.  I trained for nearly 10 years with a kahuna – Hawaiian Shaman, Healer, Sage.  I have nearly 15 years experience clearing people, places and things of every kind of negative energy there is.   If you need something, some place or someone cleared, I can help.  

Feel Like Yourself Again, Love Yourself Again, Love Life Again

One of the healing methods I learned from a kahuna, or Hawaiian Shaman Healer Sage was to bring groups or individuals back to harmony.  Internal imbalance expresses itself in a range of feelings from not feeling like yourself to self hate.  The kahuna trained me in an effective way to get back to feeling like yourself, loving yourself and loving life again.  

Traditionally it took as long as it took.  There was no time limit.  In my experience it usually takes 3-4 hours.  Most people don’t have that much time for a single session so I have adapted it to be spread out over several sessions when necessary.  I would like to tell you how and what will happen, but each person and each situation is unique requiring its own solution.  We are embarking on a vision quest, a soul retrieval, and a pilgrimage.  It won’t be easy but it is always rewarding.