I never know quite how to describe what I am about.  It’s hard to pin it down.  I am an explorer, an adventurer, a discoverer of life and being.  We humans have so much potential and it is often wasted in the singular pursuit of survival.  We are like powerful computers being used only to play video games.  Nothing wrong with video games but there is so much more to life than being one dimensional. 

We are multidimensional beings capable of great beauty, love, and joy.  Too much of life is wasted because we limit our abilities and the experiences we can have with them.  Too much is wasted defending fears and destroying each other.  Not enough is done to explore all that we are and all that life offers.  When we are able to experience just a fraction of our full potential, fear of death ceases because we know death is not the end but another beginning in the adventure of being.  Imagine what life would be like without the fear of death and if we shifted focus from survival to personal development and growth.  

That is what I, and this site, are about.  Engaging our abilities fully so we can experience life more fully, deeply, and meaningfully.  Spirituality is for life, and its development is for a greater connection and experience of it.  Here we will playfully and joyfully explore and develop ourselves to have a richer experience of life in every way.