Laying On The Grass

One of life’s great pleasures is laying on the grass. I prefer shaded grass, but sometimes the sun feels so good. There’s no purpose to lay on the grass. It’s not a meditation. It’s not an escape. It’s not only for the young. It’s for the enjoyment of laying on the grass.

Sure it’s healthy. Sure connecting with the earth offers all kinda of benefits like discharging EMFs, normalizing your blood pressure, not to mention giving you a great place to nap. All of that will happen whether you intend it to or not.

How many things in life are there that have no purpose? How many things are inherently indulgent? Laying on the grass is instant Zen. You release into corpus pose effortlessly. Your lungs naturally expand and your body relaxes.

The wind brushes your hair. Birds serenade. Clouds drift. The joy of nature becomes crystal clear. And since you are also nature grass laying is conducive to become crystal clear too. Allow yourself to get comfortable with it. Many of us are more comfortable with noise, clutter and busyness.

Next time you have a chance to find a clean, insect free plot of grass, put down a cotton towel, or lay straight on it, and enjoy.

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