Spiritual Life Mentoring

The limitation of psychic readings, even if it is divinely offered, is implementing or executing on it. It takes will power and strategy to execute on information. Some people can go it alone, others need support and guidance, until they can go it on their own.

Spiritual Life Coaching is different from normal life coaching in that the spirit world, the good and holy part of it, will help you on your journey. Whatever area of life you want to improve on, your spirit team and mine will help you. Of course we won’t, and can’t, do it for you, but like good hiking guides we will help keep you safe and on track.
The ultimate goal is to get you where you are able to receive guidance and inspiration for yourself, and then act upon it with confidence.

You will get:
An initial 90 minute Spiritual Life Coaching reading to set you up and get you going.
4 – one hour coaching sessions a month.
7– total text and email answers to questions.
—Personally designed meditations to help you receive inspiration and guidance

Spiritual Life Coaching is $1111.00 per month, why $1111.00, when you add up all the ones you get 4. The number 4 in numerology represents long-term security, on building a secure foundation for the future and the ability to know and stick to the correct goals to create the lifestyle you want.
We seek spiritual guidance and support at different times for different reasons. Below I explain the some of the services I offer. If you feel drawn or guided to any of them you are not alone. The only reason I have confidence in my work is because I believe my clients are guided to me by a Higher Power.

E Komo Mai which means Welcome in Hawaiian. I trust your gut and guidance will lead you to the services are right for you.