Sensing Energy

Imagine the sun shining on your face. Now go outside and let the sun shine on your face. One will get you sunburned if you do it for too long and the other won’t. That’s the difference between sensing and imagining that you are sensing. When learning to sense subtle energy many people are confused between knowing when the imagination is self conjured or when it is a tool for sensing.

Feeling energy is an act of sensing. Not all forms of energy are sensed in the same way. You don’t feel eyesight, neither do you smell it. You don’t smell the softness of a puppy, you touch it, but I have to say that puppies, like babies, have a great smell. Other forms of energy like heat or cold are sensed with your whole body.

Sensing subtle energy, like qi, requires acuity training, even if you are naturally talented. Our society is skewed toward intellectual education which makes us less sensory orientated. I believe this is one of the reasons for the growth of the food industry and foodies. Food is sensory based and easily fit into our busy lives. Even if your senses haven’t been dulled it takes training to gain acuity, and even with training, some people just aren’t destined for ultra sensitivity. Not everyone can be a great sommelier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wine. When I drink wine I don’t taste currants or vanilla or hints of lavender or chocolate, I taste alcohol. Even if I could taste, and describe with great detail, the vast variety of nuance in the wines of the world, pairing them with food requires additional extensive education and experience beyond acuity. The same is true of sensing energy. Sensing energy requires training to make what is being sensed useful.

My Qigong Master is able to distinguish the qi of alcohol from other parts of the liquid that make up wine. His ability was tested in China during the Cultural Revolution. The government was weeding out the charlatans from the real practitioners and masters. He was placed in a laboratory room with two sealed vials of alcohol. Without touching them he decreased the alcohol content in one of the vials, then he raised it back up again. I asked him how he did it and he said it was simple, he removed the alcohol qi from one vial and put it in the other, then after it was measured he put the alcohol qi back in. Yeah sure. Easy. What does alcohol qi feel like anyway? That’s what I mean by acuity. Knowledge and experience allows Master Wang to go a step further and dissolve gallstones. I know people who needed gallstone surgery before being treated by Master Wang who didn’t need the surgery afterward.

I meet people all the time who are more clairvoyant than me, but they haven’t developed the ability and experience to make sense of what they see or give useful information. Just because you see someone crying doesn’t mean you know why they are crying. And here is the limitation of empathic ability; many people have the ability to feel the emotions of other people but neither do they know the reason or cause for the emotion. It is natural to feel for people who are suffering, but simply wanting to stop their suffering is not enough. There are wise and unwise way to render aid. Presumption and assumption will get you fucked up. Literally. I know a cop who went to a domestic call where the guy was beating the woman. The cop responded appropriately to the violence only to have the woman turn on him and beat on him because she thought he was hurting her guy. The cop went to rescue her and she ends up beating on him. See what I mean? You can never assume anything. Maybe they are sad because they didn’t get their way and are acting like a spoiled child. Just because someone is sad doesn’t mean they want help or the kind of help you offer. I’m not saying to be harsh, cold or judgmental to such people. There are ways to bring them to awareness kindly. As a Hawaiian healer/minister I was trained not to advertise because if someone found you organically it is more likely they were guided to you or actually want your help. These are just some small examples of the experience needed to use any of your senses, physical or less so, in helping people.

And remember the first rule is respect.

The second rule is don’t assume anything.

When sensing subtle energy your brain may interpret the same energy differently from someone else sensing the same thing. It doesn’t mean either of you are wrong. It just means your brain processes the information differently. During a training session I had a student sense a plant and tell me what she got. She hesitated to tell me fearing she hadn’t read it right. I encouraged her to tell me anyway. She got an image of the sun followed by an image of rain. I told her it was accurate. I had sensed the same plant and heard, “I’m thirsty,” she got an image of the sun which represented the cause of dryness and the plants need for rain or water.

Don’t let an increased ability to sense get to your head. Just because you can sense at different frequencies doesn’t mean you are a fundamentally better or more spiritual person. That would be like believing a person with eye sight is automatically more spiritual than a blind person. Obviously that isn’t true. Dogs can hear at frequencies humans cannot. Does that mean dogs are more spiritually developed than humans? Possibly. I’ve seen dogs that were more kind than some humans. Humanity needs to give greater focus to being humane.

There are many ways energy perception is interpreted through your brain. When you sense the energy of a plant with your hand you might feel it in your palm, finger tips, in your mind, in your body, you may see it’s aura, or hear descriptive thoughts. Your brain will usually relate to the perception the way your physical senses do and with the knowledge in your head. Perception is limited to knowledge and experience and the five senses because anything outside of that won’t make sense, or be ignored. Imagine you were a Lakota 500 years ago and you just finished your vision quest. You meet with the Medicine Man and tell him you had a vision where you were in the head of a long shiny bird. Behind you in the body of the bird were many people, as much or more than the tribe. Today the medicine man would know that you were a pilot flying a passenger jet. Five hundred years ago the medicine man could possibly interpret the vision to mean you are a leader of people, you are the next medicine man, or you had a prophecy he doesn’t fully understand. Not knowing what an airplane is the medicine man could only interpret your vision with his current knowledge base. Well he could also think you were a deluded grandiose nut. Luckily most medicine men and women are beyond quick judgement. Information without relevance or context is useless. I will cover this more in a future blog post on the value of prediction.

Keep sensing energy simple and real. Stay balanced in your heart and head. Keeping head and heart balanced prevents you from getting stuck or overly controlling. It’s not just what you sense, but what you do with that information, that matters. The ability to respond to the information is often more important than the information. Personally using sensing ability to keep centered, aware and at a higher frequency is more important than using it as a defensive tool. Being defensive and reactive may lead to a safe life, but not to a happy one. The mental habit you form by always being defensive will not result in peace and happiness. Sense a tree. Sense the sky and clouds. Sense an an Angel of love. Sense a great being you believe in such as Christ or Buddha. Sense the love in your heart and soul and your life will be good.

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