How Accurate Are You?

The following is based on an actual session:

How accurate are you?

Oh you think that’s important?

It’s the most important thing.

Ok, suppose I tell you you will be in a car accident, come back after your car accident.

Wait, what?

Yeah, come back after your car accident.

I don’t want to get in a car accident.

Great! Suppose I tell you there’s a 90% chance of you being in a car accident tomorrow on the freeway, just avoid the freeway and take the back roads. You take my advice and don’t get into a car accident. How accurate am I?

I don’t know.

I don’t know either, but which do you prefer?

The moral of the story is accuracy is not always verifiable or useful. The way I get information is meant to help my clients move their life trajectory in such a way as to avoid bad things. Now that can’t always happen. Sometimes bad things are part of the path. I could philosophize about why bad things happen but such things can only be looked at on a case by case basis and the context of the persons life must be taken into consideration. Interpreting another persons life or path without the proper context is disrespectful and blind. On another level it is their karma or it’s between them and God. Not my call.

So yeah I’m used to people wanting a reading to give them certainty, but to be certain removes choice and disrespects the little free will that we have to exert upon our lives. Common sense will tell that free will, be it a spiritual or mental volition, has many constraints. So it is even more important to be clear about how one is able to affect the trajectory of their life. On top of the ability to affect direction or destiny is the awareness that the frame of mind or the spirit with which one travels the path of their life may be just as, if not more, important than the path. Abundance of any kind not appreciated (valued), enjoyed, and held in thanks is wasted.

Another problem is the self fulfilled prophecy. If I tell certain people they could be in a car accident they will anxiously focus so much on the cautionary message as to literally make it happen. The human brain is still an animal brain that gives more attention to potential threats than to the majority of not threatening moments in life. Just think about how much some people worry and you’ll see what I mean. It is also why we remember bad things more than good. We don’t need to remember good things because they don’t threaten us, bad things on the other hand play like broken records in an effort to protect us from harm, even if the perceived harm isn’t actually life threatening, like losing a job or a break up.

Then there’s the reality that good news doesn’t always lead to a good life. Think of all the lottery winners who statistically end up just as, if not more, broke than before their win, of all the divorces that were once happy marriages. I could tell someone they will be financially rich, and be correct, only to find them miserable and lonely decades later. I know a man who worked hard to become a multi-millionaire. He had two houses. His wife preferred to live in one and he in the other. Neither could compromise so they divorced. All that land and money to end up loveless and lonely. It just goes to show that accuracy of a good outcome does not guarantee a life of satisfaction and contentment. More important is mind training. Mind here is to be understood in Buddhist terms which encompasses the intellect, emotions, and heart. Training oneself in a life affirming philosophy, religion, or belief system is more important than material accomplishment.

Fortunetelling as a compass rather than a command is much more valuable. And keep in mind that the best GPS cannot replace the wonderful view beheld on the path.

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