He Pissed Off The Ghost With Sage

He told me he pissed off a ghost. He sensed the presence of the spirit and used sage to get rid of it. Unexpectedly, the sage smoke enraged the spirit. Wasn’t the sage smudge supposed to work? Wasn’t sage supposed to clear all negative energy from your space?

Sage will clear negative energy, but not all negative energy. It will clear energy, but not necessarily an entity. Clearing an entity requires much more than waving smoke. Techniques and practices for dealing with spirit entities that require training and a high level of skill. Think of the training a doctor or law enforcement officer needs to have to help and protect themselves and others. It’s not about secret techniques either, it’s about hard work and respect.

Even with natural talent it takes a huge amount of discipline, focus and ability to apply the techniques. I wound be irresponsible to share techniques that many of you aren’t ready for, not because I want to hold some kind of power or authority, I have no interest in such things, but because people can get hurt or go insane, I can hear the skeptic laughing now, by dealing with things they are not ready or able to deal with. I’ve met mentally and emotionally unstable people who became schizophrenic from improper meditation or spiritual training.

But how will I ever learn if no one teaches me? is a natural question, but not the right question. The development of power is not spiritual development. Spiritual development is the development of kindness, compassion, warm-heartedness, wisdom, understanding and forgiveness. Power is prone to misuse. People too easily think they know what is right and very often they are wrong. It’s rarely about right and wrong but what is the appropriate remedy to the problem.

Personally I do the best that I can to surrender to love, remember God is love, and then get out of the way so the energy and message gets to the recipient with as little friction as possible. That being said I also understand that parts of me aren’t supposed to get out of the way because they are part of the work or message and that is why people are guided to me and not someone else or vise versa.

So if you want to learn how to get rid of ghosts or help lost souls, be sure to do your homework and get to know clearly what you are getting into. I’ve lost count of the number of people who tell me, all starry eyed, that they want to experience oneness, until I tell them that oneness includes all the shit in the universe as well. There is a false belief that oneness is a blissful space where all the bad and negative in the universe magically disappears. That’s just unrealistic. What actually happens is your love becomes bigger and less affected by the bad or negative.

Imagine you have a ghost in your house and you are able to get it to leave; where is it going? A ghost is a sentient being. They are not enlightened souls. They are stuck. Homeless. If you boot them out of your house you’ve evicted a homeless sentient being who will have to find some other home to haunt. The kindest thing to do is send them to heaven, or enlighten them, and that takes lots of training or an abundance of natural talent. The ability to see a spirit is not enough or the right kind of natural talent. It’s just one small part. The easiest technique I’ve heard of is to tell the spirit to look for a funeral since the door to heaven will appear there and they can also enter through it.

Advanced techniques require disciplined training. If you’re still interested be sure you have the time. Also consider if it is actually your purpose. A client of mine and her friend were exhausted. I inquired. They told me they had been helping ghosts as well as working their day job. Why? Because they could see them so they assumed they were supposed to help them. Do you help every homeless or insane person you see walking down the street? No. Well ghosts are people without bodies and just because you can see them doesn’t mean it is your place or responsibility to help them. As well intended as they were they weren’t thinking about it practically. I asked if they felt it was their life purpose to help ghosts and they both said no so I told them to stop. If they see a spirit that actually asked them for help they should inform them it wasn’t their job and please find some one who’s job it is, or tell it to go find a funeral. Just because you have the ability to see or sense spirits doesn’t automatically mean you are supposed to help them.

Many people want to develop spiritual abilities to feel special or purposeful. It’s as if having some kind of special or magical power will validate them as human beings. That’s ridiculous. Imagine saying that to a flower.

If you don’t love and accept yourself just as you are, gaining any kind of ability or knowledge won’t change that, unless it’s the ability or knowledge to love and accept yourself just as you are. If others don’t love and accept you that’s their problem or glitch and not yours, well unless you’ve done something truly insensitive, unkind, rude or obnoxious. If you are bored with life and lack purpose it won’t change with more power. Declutter your heart and mind and do what brings you joy and fulfillment. If that still includes chasing ghosts so be it. But be mindful. Many people also wanted and were given the opportunity to train with my teachers but just as many couldn’t make the time. I just happen to have the time. Call it karma or destiny, but I just happen to have the time. I wasn’t necessarily more gifted or talented. Sometimes purpose fits and sometimes it doesn’t. If I got the life I wanted I’d be a pilot or astronaut. A spontaneously collapsed right lung made sure that wasn’t going to happen. Some aspects of destiny can’t be changed like were you were born, your ethnicity, your native language. There is a lot we are in control of and a lot we are not. Serenity is the ability to play with and enjoy life anyway. Don’t get stuck for the moment you feel stuck you are vibrating at ghost energy. Remember you are a ghost with a body and are able to exhibit ghost like behavior feeling stuck is one of them. Free yourself to be light and happy.

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