Recognizing and Following Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive guidance is often called The Still Small Voice. The reality is that intuitive guidance is often subtle and quiet. Intuitive guidance comes as feeling/sound, images, visions, hunches, nudges, signs, from the moths or actions of others, in song lyrics or movies scenes. There are innumerable ways intuitive guidance comes, which makes it both fun and exciting, as well as frustrating and infuriating.

When you’re in a good mood, or flow, intuitive guidance is fun and exciting. When you are in a bad mood, or out of synch, with the Universe intuitive guidance is frustrating, even infuriating, and the more stressed out you are the worse it gets. That being said you shouldn’t force yourself to be calm. I mean the idea of forcing yourself to be calm is oxymoronic.

Besides, suppression and denial block intuitive guidance. The best thing to do with negative energy is burn it off constructively. Mr. Rogers used to vigorously play piano when angry. Burning off negative energy isn’t the same as denying or suppressing it; so don’t confuse the two. Burning off negative energy is constructive since you are using that energy to do something good like exercise, garden, clean, build something, cook, or help someone else. After burning off negative energy you will be in a better place to look at your stress and receive intuitive guidance more clearly.

Intuitive guidance often makes no sense; which is another source of frustration. When intuitive guidance doesn’t make sense the best thing to do is wait and calmly observe life.

I often hear people say wait and do nothing, but doing nothing is doing something, and that something is choosing to wait passively. So the real question is; wait how? The old saying is: Be Still and Know, not be still and do nothing. But know what? Know how to quiet your heart and mind, be present, and in an open and receptive state of mind.

When intuitive guidance comes, act on it as best you can. Don’t wait. Don’t figure it out. Act.

Too many people want to understand the message before acting on it. This leads to the opportunity passing and the person left wondering why nothing changed or nothing good happened. The only time waiting is a smart thing to do is when the message is wait. Most messages will demand immediate action. So if you’ve been wanting to meet new people and an invitation to do so appears, go for it. If you’ve been wanting a new job and an offer comes, even if it’s not exactly what you wanted or expected, take it. If someone offers you a trip, take it.

As you act the guidance will become clearer and make more sense.

This is because intuitive guidance often doesn’t have a context or point of reference for you to be able to relate it to.

Good things do come to those who wait, but when the good thing is offered, don’t refuse it.

Good things don’t require huge sacrifice. If an opportunity comes, but it’s not part of a smooth flow, no matter how awesomely good the opportunity appears, it is probably not a good opportunity. A bad opportunity is not a test, rather it is usually your old flow or pattern, which means you need to check your thoughts and actions again, and you’ll probably find you need to adjust your thoughts and attitude.

I suggest keeping a journal so you can see patterns and positive changes in front of you instead of milling around in your head.

That’s a lot to digest so I’ll end here. Next I’ll talk about how going with the flow.

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