Calling Angels

Not many people believe in angels anymore. The modern person is educated in science, confident in material reality. To them angels are of the non-material unreal world of fantasy. I didn’t believe in angels either. There are many things in the spiritual world I didn’t believe until I had some kind of experience of it. Experience takes you one step beyond belief into knowing. Belief still has a measure of doubt, knowing doesn’t.

One way to move from disbelief to belief is experimentation. In spiritual lingo, a test. In my experience angels need to be called. Even a guardian angels needs to be called. Guardian angels and angels are able to help you without your consent, but it is more effective to ask for help, even if someone else asks for you. The confusing and often frustrating part of asking for help is that it doesn’t often come in the way we want or expect. So being open and mindful, but not self convincing, is important.

When calling on angels it is important to clearly ask for divine angels or angels of heaven. There are dark angels and sometimes they answer a general call for an angel, so be specific. The fun part is you can ask for as many angels as you want. I recently called on 7 billion divine angels to help all the people of the earth. Then I called for as many angels as was necessary to help all the sentient beings and the earth itself. I figured it couldn’t hurt.

The next time you are in an uncomfortable situation call on angels of heaven to help you feel calm, peaceful and joyful. Some of you will have amazing experiences and some of you will not notice anything significant. For the later keep at it, developing awareness and sensitivity without fooling yourself can take time. Be self critical. Thoroughly investigate and question the effect of angelic intervention. Was it really an angel or did something happen because of my your own volition and will? Not that using your volition and will is necessarily bad, but if your motives and intentions are purely selfish and self serving the effect or result could be more harm than good, especially in the long run.

If the result of calling an angel is more peacefulness, serenity, joy, contentment, and health then it is probably good. But if you get the raise you asked for and it leads to more spending, debt, and self gratification then the long term effect could be bad. Sometimes we get what we want to get the lesson we could otherwise avoid the pain of experiencing. Through experience and honest self examination you will learn to foresee the effect of the cause and be more full of care about what you wish for.

The easiest way I know of to sense the presence of an angel is this: start with closing your eyes and sensing your skin. Just notice where the edge of your body is. Then, in the same you you sense your skin, notice the edge of your aura. Just accept that wherever your mind stops is the edge of your aura. Take a moment to sense your personal bubble space. Next ask your divine guardian angel to touch the edge of your aura so you can sense its presence and energy. You may feel pressure, warmth, coolness, love, peace. Some people just know like a thought dropped in their head. Others see light. Still others feel a warm hug or as if the angel touched their heart. There is no right answer. The wrong answer would be fear, anger, or a dip in energy. If you feel or sense that kind of thing open your eyes and tell it to leave. It has to listen and obey your free will. Never allow fear to dominate. It is natural to react to an uncomfortable unknown entity with fear but immediately don’t let it control you. Say to yourself “Fear not! I have more faith in God and love than evil. Be gone from me now.”

Then try again. Relax. Developing a relationship with the divine takes time like it does with any other relationship. They understand. We have been educated away from spiritual connection. It takes time to get reacquainted.

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