Protect Yourself In A Crowd, Technique 2b

In the last post you learned how to be in a natural setting in your mind. This actually changes your vibration. You go into resonance with nature since you are part of, and made of, nature. This time we will learn to be in resonance with heaven or the divine. Jesus said Heaven was both at hand and within, and the Buddha was enlightened and in nirvana while still in a body. Both of those great beings were telling us that heaven and nirvana are right here and a part of you rather than somewhere far away. Now you will learn how to begin to experience it for yourself.

Your logical mind will say that it is just your imagination, which is partly true, since your imagination is the tool. You use your imagination all the time, like when you remember a song. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate the song either. It can be the most annoying thing to have a song you don’t like stuck in our head.

A crowd easily takes our attention because it is so big and so present. So, yes, it does take some volition and will power to use these techniques. But it can also be easy, just think of how easy it is to watch a video.

So even if you think of these exercises as a kind of distraction, and not actual spiritual methods, they still work. However it will be nice when one day you stumble upon an actual spiritual experience through the practice.

You can do this one with or without the superhero suit. Focus as strongly as possible on the space between your eyebrows, you may actually squeeze and furor them. Feel as if you are trying to keep the light of heaven out of your third eye. Another way is to focus until you feel the area of the third tingle. When you feel tired of squeezing your third eye shut or you feel the tingle, relax the area imagining your third eye opening and a stream of golden heavenly light flooding your mind. See the light over flow and cover you completely. Feel the light of heaven all around and inside of you. Know the light is protecting you from the stress of people around you. Also feel the light cleanse you of all your stress. When you notice the flow of light into your third eye naturally slow and stop, you notice your whole being continue to glow with sparkling heavenly light. Go through your day knowing the light is with you.

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