Protect Yourself In A Crowd, Technique 2a

In the first part of this series on protecting yourself in a crowd you learned how to insulate yourself from external energies. Some people have a difficult time with barrier types of protection simply because they can’t stop focusing on the thing the barrier is supposed to protect them from. When your mind stays focused on the crowd it will sense the crowd. So on days when the insulated feeling of the superhero suit isn’t working, this next technique may work. Even though this technique will work by itself I recommend putting on the superhero suit first and then adding this one.

Visualize and feel a ray of light, it can be sunlight or heavenly light coming down and falling all around you. Imagine you are looking up and the beauty of the light floods your consciousness, but will alert you to anyone invading your space. Now as you slowly look around, you find yourself surrounded by nature. You can use the memory of a beautiful place you’ve been to or let your spirit create the scene. When you let your spirit create a spiritual scene it’s not “making it up” but actually remembering the beauty of heaven. Allow yourself to hear the sounds and smell the smells of this beautiful place.

Sometimes it may work just as well to imagine your superhero suit has a built in video display and the nature scene plays on the screen. Give it a try and test it out. Happy spiritual practice!

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