Protect Yourself In A Crowd, Technique 1, The Superhero Suit

A stadium full of people singing along with a band they love can be an amazingly positive experience. In this case a crowd is a good thing, but more often than not a crowd is a draining, negative experience. Unlike a group singing the typical crowd is not in harmony. Even if the crowd isn’t aggressive or violent the fact that each person is emitting a different frequency creates an overwhelming and exhausting environment for sensitive or highly empathetic people. Even if you’re not empathic sometimes the information overwhelm of a crowd is mentally taxing.

If you are sensitive or highly empathic, or even if you’re not, it is possible to protect yourself from the negative effects of a crowd. There are many ways to deal with crowd energy. A variety of techniques allows you to be flexible. Some exercises will work better on one day than another depending on your frame of mind or the energy of the situation. Think about it like dressing for the weather.

The first technique I want to share with you is the Superhero Suit. Superheroes usually have skin tight suits. This works great in a crowd because the aura often pulls in tight so it won’t push against other people’s auras, which can be uncomfortable, sort of like invading personal energy space.

Before leaving home in the morning imagine a thin layer of protective light covering your whole body like a superhero suit. Next imagine another thin layer covering the light to hide and seal it. Use whatever color comes to mind.

The cool thing about a superhero suit is that even if you forget to put it on you can imagine your suit secretly covering you even in a crowd. Be playful. You could imagine the suit expanding out from your belt, coming out of your bracelet or shoes, or that your clothes have a secret suit layer that comes out of its fabric and covers your skin. The reason to cover the light is to avoid attracting energy vampires who are attracted to and feed on the light. It also keeps you from attracting ghosts. If someone bumps into you imagine your suit sends them a shot of positive energy that has the potential of brightening their day if they are open to receive it. It’s their choice, you are just silently offering goodwill.

I know this may feel silly, but that is part of why the technique works; being silly and having fun is higher in vibration than having an overly serious attitude, especially in the pressure or chaos of a crowd.

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