I love helping people better their lives. I love to see the smile of a win. What I mean by a win is that someone is joyful and successful. I am a Libra which means I love balance and beauty. So for me life has to be beautiful and balanced and I want that for you too.

Now balance can mean a stiff and fearful state of mind similar to the one many of us had when first learning to balance on two thin wheels of a bicycle. Watching and feeling those wheels wobble all over the place terrified many of us. But we eventually got the hang of it. We relaxed and had fun with the new found freedom bicycling gave us. Some of you could even do tricks like riding with no hands, pop wheeling on one wheel, and jumping curbs. A few went to a level of mastery capable of flying off ramps and doing stunts.

A balanced person is joyfully successful in their physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational, and environmental parts of life. Balance means you are in flow. Even if you fall you can roll and get back on your feet. You dust yourself off and go at it again.

I use my intuitive ability as a guidance tool like GPS. In this way I don’t use it as a typical fortuneteller. I don’t see the point of forecasting bad things about your future if it is possible to avoid it. Of course it is not always possible or even in our best interest to avoid all challenges. Pain is a part of life. Pain can be a signal that we are growing. When pain and suffering can’t be avoided intuitive and spiritual guidance can help you heal and grow. Some of your greatest gifts and strengths are revealed through pain and suffering.

That being said my job one is safety. If I see you are headed for trouble it is my job to redirect you and find a safer smoother path. This doesn’t mean the smoother path is easier. It just means it’s the hard path with a reward versus a lesson in what not to do. Life moves better when you learn and apply what to do versus what not to do.

Work with me and we are on a fortune making versus a fortunetelling journey. We will move through different stages of enlightenment until you get to where you don’t need me, or anyone like me, because your own soul flow will be your guide.

Soul flow is living in spirit. We were created from spirit and will return to spirit. Spirit is the foundation of life. Spirituality is living from that foundation. Enlightenment and heaven are not for the chosen few, it is for those who choose it. Of course it’s not that simple. There are good and bad ways to choose spirit. That’s why there is a devil in Christianity and Mara is Buddhism. We all have the power to choose between love and fear.

Focusing your awareness has the ability to change your physical, mental, and emotional quality which in turn changes life. This is where an intuitive guide can be helpful. It’s common to be unaware of the internal scars and memories that have led to wrong turns in life, or the misuse, or plain disuse, of our talents and abilities. Working with your aura will kick up all the settled dirt of your past and reveal buried treasure like sifting in the mud for gold.

This is key: There is no weakness, only strength misapplied.

A big part of the journey for anyone working with me is learning where you are working against yourself and then using that energy to work for yourself. When you work against yourself life will always feel like a struggle. It is like driving while hitting the gas and the breaks at the same time. Your intuition will feel confused and wrong. You cannot get a clear intuitive message when you are off your game.

I think the Law Of Attraction works, always. It works just as effectively in good and bad ways. However it is only one tool in the manifestation toolbox. Recognition is larger part. If you don’t know something exists, or is even possible, you won’t even think of it to attract. The law also works from all levels so if your intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts aren’t all focused on the same thing manifesting won’t work very well.

I want you to know the highest elevation possible to take your life. Just know that sometimes you can be so much in a hole that even when you see what is possible for you the light of that knowledge may seem too bright or too far away. You may cringe, squint, and refuse the light. I’ve seen it happen. It’s more common than you might think. This is why I do this work. Enlightenment comes in stages and layers. Working to free yourself from the blocks, ties, and chains that have held you down will be scary and uncomfortable. Your biological survival reptilian brain will resist breaking teaching for the light.

There is no greater joy for me than seeing my clients step into their light and fully embrace their power. So I invite you on this journey of enlightenment. I’ll end with the words of the poet Robert Frost-

“I’m going out to clean the pasture spring;

 I’ll only stop to rake the leaves away

 (And wait to watch the water clear, I may):

 I sha’n’t be gone long.-You come too.”

One Reply to “Why?”

  1. I was referrred to you by a friend. I wasnt sure if i truly wanted to know things about me and my life from your perspective but after reading your words i feel comfortable pursuing a meeting with you. I will be hopefully contacting you very soon. Thank you in advance for your positive vibes and encouraging attitude. Missy


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