I love helping people. I love to see people feeling confident and whole. I also love people finding inner peace. I am a Libra. Libras are said to love balance and beauty. For me life is best when it’s beautiful and balanced. I want the same for you. The work done through me is also a beautiful sacred act of prayer. I’m just a vessel doing my best to surrender to the divine.

Balance can be a stiff, ridged and fearful state like when trying not to fall down or learning to ride a bike. Wobbling on two thin wheels was terrifying for many of us, but we eventually got the hang of it. Some of you even learned to do tricks.

A balanced person is joyful and successful in all parts of life, which means they are in harmony. Harmony can happen even when falling, just like students of judo and aikido do when being thrown. They learn to fall safely often smoothly rolling back in their feet. You can learn a similar skill for any situation in life. The first secret is non-resistance or surrender. Intuition is an act of receiving like the way your eyes receive light, ears receive sound, skin received touch. Think of the way your heart can be touched and you begin to see the way intuition can touch your being.

My intuitive ability when applied to my work is a kind of GPS. I don’t use it the way traditional fortunetellers do which is to just foresee the future. Prediction used unwisely can rob people of free will, or worse, lead them to self fulfill a potentially bad, but not actually bad, destiny. When I’m giving clients information to guide them away from a bad destiny it sometimes makes them think I can’t see the future. I am seeing a better path than the one they are on. I do the best I can to help them but making change can be hard. Also I don’t always get a prediction simply because some people are prone to fearfully focus to a negative prediction which increases the likelihood they will self-fulfill the prophecy. Their fight or flight survival mechanism takes over and controls them instead of their higher intelligence. I do the best I can to give them back control. Of course it isn’t always possible avoid a negative outcome. When this happens my job is to help you heal and grow. Some of your greatest gifts and strengths are revealed through pain and suffering.

I have had the gift of watching my long term clients progress through different stages of enlightenment. Ultimately the goal is to get to where you don’t need me because your life is good. I believe everyone is capable of being spiritually balanced and guiding themselves.

Spirit is the foundation of matter and life. Spirituality is living from that foundation. Enlightenment and heaven are not for the chosen few, it is for those who choose it. We have to invite the divine into our life. Our job is to be open and receive. This doesn’t mean being naive or gullible. There are good and bad ways to choose spirit. That’s why there is a devil in Christianity and Mara in Buddhism which represents bad choices. We all have the power to choose between love or fear and hate.

The act of choosing the focus of your awareness gives you the power to change your life. However it is common to misuse or completely ignore your talents and abilities simply because we are educated not to. Working with your mind and spirit will brighten your outlook and cleanse all the dirt of your heart and mind like cleaning a window or polishing a mirror.

This is key: There is no weakness, only strength misapplied.

A big part of the journey for anyone is recognizing where you are working against yourself and then turning that energy around to work for yourself. When you work against yourself life will feel like a struggle since you are in conflict and not in harmony. It is like driving while stepping on the gas and the break at the same time. Your intuition will feel confused. You cannot clearly understand an intuitive message when you are in conflict.

Another thing I often see miss used is the Law Of Attraction. One mistake often made is unintentionally trying to control the free will of another which is a fit of black magic. The other mistake is not recognizing what you want. Recognition is important. If you don’t know something exists or that is possible, you won’t even think of it to attract. Often the lack of recognition is due to a lack of familiarity. It is also important to be able to recognize what is and isn’t good for you.

I want you to know the highest elevation possible for your life. Sometimes you can be so deep in a hole that even when you see what is possible for you the light of that knowledge will seem impossible to get to. Some people even refuse the light. I’ve seen it happen. It is more common than you might think. This is why I do this work. Enlightenment comes in stages and layers. Working to free yourself from the things that have held you down will be scary and uncomfortable. The biological survival mechanism in your brain will resist reaching for the light simply because it is comfortable with the way things are. Comfortable and happy don’t often go together. It is amazing what you can get used to.

There is no greater joy for me than seeing my clients step into their light and fully embrace their power. So I invite you on this journey of enlightenment. I’ll end with the words of the poet Robert Frost-

“I’m going out to clean the pasture spring;

 I’ll only stop to rake the leaves away

 (And wait to watch the water clear, I may):

 I sha’n’t be gone long.-You come too.”

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  1. I was referrred to you by a friend. I wasnt sure if i truly wanted to know things about me and my life from your perspective but after reading your words i feel comfortable pursuing a meeting with you. I will be hopefully contacting you very soon. Thank you in advance for your positive vibes and encouraging attitude. Missy

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