Fragment of Imagination

Our lives are overly compartmentalized.  Body, mind, and spirit seem split apart making us feel fragmented.  This is an illusion.  You cannot actually be in pieces.  Many believe the body and spirit are separate entities; this is untrue.  If anything, when you die, you will become more aware of your wholeness.  You will know that sensing the body, brain, emotions, spirit as parts is a slight of mind.  If we really are whole then why do we not feel whole?  Our sense of self is polarized due to poor education and injury.  We are taught that the body and soul are separate.  I’m not sure how this came about.  Maybe it was to make understanding death easier.  What it actually does is make it more confusing.  The question of what happens when we die is typically answered in one of two ways.  The first is the soul leaves the body and travels either to heaven, some other dimension, or into another body.  The second is nothing happens because there is no survival of consciousness since consciousness is a purely physical function of the brain and body.  Either way the implication is we are pieces and not the whole.  Then there is injury, like heartbreak.  When the heart gets broken we want to tear it out or get distance from it to lessen the pain.  Of course this is not possible even in suicide. Mental and emotional pain remain even after death as imprints on the soul.   
From the level of the atom it is possible to understand our being as something not purely solid.  The parts of the atom such as the electron wink in and out of solid form moving from wave to particle and back again. If you could see yourself from the level of the atom you would look sort of like a swarm.  Your shape would be in continual flux.  Some clairvoyants see the aura in this way.  They see us as light and color kind of like an oval candle flame made of rainbow colors.
The truth of our make up is beautiful.  Imagine seeing everyone as orbs of light and color.  Instead of just seeing a facial expression you see a flash or light or a warming color instead.  Emotions and thoughts would leap like solar flares or change shape like clouds.  Imagine talking to a friend in pain and literally seeing them lighten up and soften in intensity and hues in response to your sincerity and care.  Imagine touching darkness and pulling it out and filling the emptiness with brightness.
This is just some of what is possible when you start to experience yourself from wholeness.  When you wake up from the nightmare of fragmentation to the enlightened realization of wholeness you will see that not only are you infused with light but so is everyone and everything else.  

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